What is your background?
I was born in Rome and have lived here my entire life. My American mother and Italian father raised me bilingual and taught me how to look at my own culture from a local and foreign perspective at the same time. After graduating from the University of Rome with a degree in Modern Foreign Languages and Literature, I taught English as a second language before taking the state exam to become a licensed local guide in Rome. Over the years, I have collaborated with a variety of organisations and companies including the Rome Tourist Board, by contributing to and translating their publications and National Geographic Expeditions. Today I provide tours for Rick Steves Europe, individual travelers and a number of universities and schools. I’ve also participated in several TV and radio programs in addition to helping with the Rick Steves guidebooks.

My motto is “the more I know, the more I see” and my approach consists of building context by identifying the cultural and historical meaning of Roman monuments and art and their relevance to the contemporary world. Rather than provide a list of data, I prefer to create an interactive experience by drawing connections, exploring unifying themes and following threads of reasoning that allow visitors to see the “big picture” and to navigate the immensity of the city’s heritage with confidence and the pleasure that comes from truly understanding.

Is there any place online where I can see or hear something you’ve done?
Yes, I’ve appeared on several of Rick Steves’ public television and radio shows. You can find more info here.

Do you do tours in cities other than Rome?:
No, I focus on Rome and the surrounding area (Ostia Antica, Hadrian’s Villa) exclusively. For other cities in Italy, I suggest the guides recommended in the Rick Steves’ books.

Getting your museum/sight tickets:
Once we’ve confirmed the tour, it’s best to book your admission tickets directly through the venues’ websites (links to which you can find in the “Roman Resources” section). It’s relatively straight-forward and the least expensive way to go about it.

I sent you an email a while ago, how come I haven’t heard back?:
I’m really very sorry. I try to respond to everything as quickly as possible. However, as I work independently and spend the bulk of my time giving tours, occasionally it takes me a while to respond. I may not be able to give extensive personalized trip planning advice, but hopefully on this site you’ll find some other great resources that will help.